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Touring Case Wall Bracket
Touring Case Wall Bracket
Price: $7.00

Tired of putting your touring case on the ground and getting kicked around when its not being used? Fasten this bracket to your wall and hang your case out of the way. This handy bracket hooks into the mounting section of the bottom of the case. Includes the bracket and screw(s).

These are intended to be used with top cases. These do not work with the side cases.

-Bracket is 1 inch wide by 1/8 inch thick.

-Universal design fits many types of cases.

-Confirmed fit for Givi and Kawasaki brand cases.

-May fit many others.

*Color and hole pattern may vary.
Motorcycle Phone Mount with RAM Ball
Ram Ball Accessory Mount
Price: $20.00

Looking for a better way to mount your GPS, smart phone or kitchen sink? A.S.T. will be unveiling their Ram Ball Accessory Mount very soon. This mount will be a stand alone product with the capability to put any of the devices you can't live without, directly in-line of sight. This mount has many different locations it can be mounted to and will still give you a clean, uncluttered look.
Universal Helmet Locks
Universal Helmet Locks
Price: $20.00

This kit comes with two locks and two keys. Both locks are keyed the same. They measure 1.65" (42mm) H x .83" (21mm) W x 1.38" (35mm) L. The holes are tapped M6x1.
Givi Kit for AST Luggage Racks
Givi Kit for AST Luggage Racks
Price: $25.00

If you purchased an Advanced Sport Touring luggage rack without the Givi kit and have now decided you would like to add it, this is what you need.  It includes all the pieces necessary to attach a Givi Monokey Touring Case to our luggage racks.
Motorcycle SunPass Holder
SunPass Mount & Arm
Price: $53.00

It doesn't matter what make, model or year motorcycle / scooter you have, there's a way to mount our Sunpass holder to it.

This allows you to mount and dismount your SunPass very quickly and easily while still looking good on your bike. Utilizes 1" RAM Mounting balls to securely attach to any type of motorcycle at virtually any angle.