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Ryker Luggage Rack Clearance XL Luggage Rack
This will mount to your bike without any modifications. All brackets and hardware included. Fully functional except it will not accept our rubber bumpers. This was a test unit to determine hole sizes so there are multiple hole sizes where the rubber bumpers would be. You can add our touring case attachments, but keep in mind, you'll need to drill holes for the rubber bumpers.

This was powder coated black but there was a large scratch in the metal so its
visible after powder coat. No metal is exposed.

- Works on Ryker's (all years) with Max Mount installed. Max Mount NOT INCLUDED!
- Everything you need in the kit. 20 minute install.
- Works with a huge variety of cases from Givi (Monokey), Shad (all cases) and LinQ (vertically mounted)(Coming Soon).
- All you have to do is choose which mounts you want to add and we'll pre-install them or choose no mounts and strap on a duffel bag. All you'll have to do is slide your case on with our quick install/release systems. Rubber bumpers are included in the kit. You decide if you want to install them.

- Adjustable towards and away from the Rider.
- Add on a backrest later or choose our Luggage Rack / Backrest Combo (Coming Soon) to save some money.
- Incredibly strong and rigid. Overbuilt in every way. Made from a variety of high strength steels and billet aluminum. We'll go into depth and demonstrate in videos.

This is a fully functional XL Luggage Rack for the Kawasaki Concours all years.  The powder coating came out poorly.  It has full coverage but its not a consistent color.  We've added a drop down box below where you can add a backrest kit.